Each child is different; different learning profiles, different developmental growth.  A different kindergarten may be the right match for your child.

Who are the children that benefit from Running Start?

Children who are "at risk" learners are candidates for Running Start Kindergarten.  These children have strengths and weaknesses challenged by processing issues in areas such as auditory, memory, language or perceptual-motor.  They respond to instruction differently.  Repetition, visual models and more in-depth instruction helps them better understand and retain concepts.  These children will have a better chance of reaching their potential in the Running Start Kindergarten.

The purpose of Running Start Kindergarten is:

  • To build underlying skills based on each student's learning profile

  • To address the specific needs of students and provide early intervention as necessary

  • To evaluate specific needs of students to recommend future educational settings

Running Start helps students reach their potential by offering the following:

  • small class size and small teacher-pupil ratio (approximately 1 to 6);

  • a structured setting with multi-sensory and direct instruction;

  • teachers with expertise in the field of learning disabilities;

  • a speech and language pathologist incorporated into the program;

  • frequent parent communication and assessment to monitor child's progress; and

  • a rich Judaic studies program and environment. 




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