Matthew Blumenthal M'silot Program

We believe that every Jewish child is entitled to an education that fosters a love of the Jewish people, our community, Torah and Israel. At Atlanta Jewish Academy, we also recognize that every child connects, learns and processes information in a different way. We are proud to offer our Matthew Blumenthal M’silot Program, which allows our students to follow the path that will best lead to their success.

The M’silot Mission

To provide intensive and specialized secular and Judaics instruction for students with diagnosed mild to moderate learning disabilities, in an inclusive and nurturing environment.


Our History

The “Matthew Blumenthal M’silot Program” was created in 1999. Matthew was a student at our school (then known as GHA/YA) from first grade through graduation. When he passed away after his battle with muscular dystrophy at the age of 24, Matthew’s grandparents, Saul and Adele Blumenthal, z”l, donated the seed money to start up the M’silot program in his honor. With their sustaining gift, Matthew’s parents, Elaine and Jerry Blumenthal, are continuing the vital work that their parents started. We are proud of this heritage.


What Makes M’silot Different

  • Intensive and specialized instruction for students with a diagnosed mild‐moderate learning disability
  • Atlanta’s only K‐12th Grade Jewish Day School ‐ your child will be here throughout his/her Jewish journey
  • Jewish Studies Curriculum with English‐speaking instruction ‐ parallel to others in the grade level
  • Students are able to select the most appropriate Judaics track in Middle School, whether in English or Hebrew
  • Participation with mainstream peers for all co‐curricular parts of the day (Science, Electives, Art & Music, PE, Technology)
  • Flexibility to mainstream for specific subjects


M’silot Learning Styles

  • Mild to moderate learning differences
  • Average to above average intelligence
  • Processing deficits and uneven learning profiles
  • May exhibit one of the following:
    o Reading disability
    o Receptive/Expressive language challenges
    o Written language disorders
    o Mathematical disorders
  • May also have ADD/ADHD


Our Classes

  • Running Start Kindergarten and Grades 1‐4
  • Approximately 1:6 teacher‐student ratio
  • Speech/Language pathologist works with students as part of the curriculum
  • Integration with peers for lunch, recess, PE, Tefillah and other co‐curricular activities
  • Frequent communication with parents
  • Transition to the general AJA curriculum when appropriate
  • Occupational Therapy option (individual or group)


General Studies

  • Individualized program
  • Direct instruction and multi‐sensory learning
  • Frequent assessments to monitor children's progress
  • Strong foundation in decoding, reading, written and oral language—includes Orton Gillingham instruction
  • All Kinds of Minds curriculum ‐ children "learn how they learn"

Hebrew and Judaic Studies

  • Direct instruction and multi‐sensory learning
  • Hebrew—reading and writing
  • Judaic studies focuses on Parsha, prayers, holidays, and text study


Our Technology

  • Interactive SMART Boards in every classroom
  • Chromebooks for individual use
  • Read Live online fluency program
  • Read & Write for Google: Cutting edge assistive technology that empowers students to read and write with greater proficiency on their own
  • Learning Ally: Access to over 10,000 audiobooks including novels and student textbooks. Students can access from multiple devices, both at home and school.

The Matthew Blumenthal M’silot Program is not designed to meet the needs of children with severe learning disabilities or children with mental impairments, multiple handicaps or behavioral/emotional disorders.

Middle School Transition

Our 4th grade class will be a transition year in which students will spend time in the general studies mainstream class with the M’silot teacher supporting.

Students who are interested in remaining at AJA after 4th grade will go through a reassessment process before entering middle school. Based on the student’s needs and class availability, students may move into our middle school model. Rather than offering support in a self‐contained model in middle school, students will participate in the mainstream classroom with a co‐taught model. Students transitioning from M’silot to middle school will be provided with a daily support period, in place of Hebrew, in which they will receive additional support, as needed. Chumash/Mishnah courses will be taught in the mainstream, by a Judaics teacher, who will provide text studies in English. For math, students in our middle school are leveled so all students will receive instruction in a mainstreamed math class that is appropriate to their level.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Marks
Director of Matthew Blumenthal M’silot Program
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Diane Marks
Director of M’silot
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.