Early Childhood / Infants / Kindergarten

Atlanta Jewish Academy 1

Our Early Childhood education is Reggio‐Emilia inspired. What does that mean? Reggio‐Emilia has a unique educational philosophy, remarkably parallel to many Jewish principles and beliefs.


Tzelem Elokim Reggio’s central value, an image of the child as capable, mirrors the Jewish idea that every individual is created in the image of G‐d. This image of the child allows them to explore and express themselves through “a hundred languages,” including music, movement, writing, stories, dramatic play, cooking, art, games, manipulatives, discussions, block play, computers, physical  education, and gardening.  Our program is play-based, and also includes Hebrew Immersion starting with the 2 year olds.


Kedusha At AJA we create beautiful and sacred spaces for our children to engage with others, materials, books, Jewish tradition, G‐d, and nature.

D’rash As Jews, we have a rich culture of inquiry and dialogue. Similarly, in Reggio, educators believe that the documentation of these processes is powerful.


Masa At AJA, as in Reggio‐Emilia, we believe in the power of the journey, and we allow children the time to journey toward their own conclusions in their own way.

B’rit We believe that the relationships forged with our families are what enable each of us ‐ parent, teacher, and child ‐ to achieve our divine potential.

Tikkun Olam We teach our children to act with kavod—to realize their responsibilities toward one another, G‐d, and the Earth.

Hitorerut As Jews we are obligated to walk the world mindfully, an idea we pursue regularly with the rituals of prayer and blessing. We also seek to stimulate children’s natural sense of wonder, delighting alongside them in the world that G‐d has created.